Austhai Marine(Thailand) is a company that in a few short years has become one of Asia’s leading boat builders, and a clear leader in the manufacture of power catamarans.

In Thailand and Asia we offer an extensive range of catamaran models, including work boats, ferries, water taxis, dive boats, resort boats and rescue boats.

Our catamaran ferries, dive boats and resort boats have a proven record in the Asean and international markets and our customer endorsements confirm our reputation for after sales service.

All Austhai catamarans, whether the be ferries, work boats, dive boats or tour boats are designed by Dr Albert Nazarov of Albatross Marine Design, one of the world’s leading naval architects for catamaran design, and are built to ISO International Small Craft Standards.

The quality and performance of the catamarans launched has established Austhai in Thailand and Asia as a manufacturer of the highest standards ( see Customer Endorsement section )

Whether you are a tour operator in need of a comfortable people mover or a fast ferry, or a resort operator needing a ferry or tour boat for your guests, or a dive shop operator seeking an economical dive boat, or you simply need a personal catamaran or a general purpose work boat, you should explore the catamaran models available from Austhai Marine.

AusThai Marine Power Catamarans
  • Sports Fishing Boats
  • Day Boats
  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Charter & Resort Boats
  • Ferries & Water Taxis
  • Dive Boats
  • Rescue Boats
  • Austhai 800 Boomerang Cabcat - It's Fun all the way!
  • Austhai 1500 WFBI Dive - Diving at its best!
  • Austhai 1200 WFBI - Luxury Afloat!
  • Austhai 1500 WFBI- Getting there in style
  • Austhai 1500 WFBI - Marine tourism in comfort!
  • Austhai 1650 WSI- 100 pax Ferry ready to go!
  • AusThai 1600 WFBI - Diving luxury at its best
  • Austhai 800 Widebody Divecat - The functional and economical alternative
  • Austhai 800 Boomerang Funcat- The party boat for family and friends
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Why catamaran

Catamarans are highly regarded in the southern hemisphere, particularly Australia and South Africa. For many years coastguard, police and military vessels in those countries have been catamarans. Famous for their sea keeping ability in rough weather, they have increasingly become popular for leisure boats. (click to know more)

thailand tourism
Thailand has a rich culture of boat building that spans many centuries. It is blessed with a number of large and navigable rivers that in times past were the main arterial...
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