This is the sedan version of the 1200 Series. As will all Austhai models a range of layouts is available to meet the customer’s requirements.

It offers a fast economical platform which may be configured for a range of uses. Power ranges from twin 315 HP to twin 500HP

austhai AT1200WSI cabin cruisers


Approx. Weight (LLC)


Beam (ft/meters)


Length-Centerline (ft/meters)


Person Capacity


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Parameter Symbol Units Value
maximum length (with platform) LMAX m 13.22
length of hull LH m 12.42
length of waterline (at DWL) LWL m 11.02
maximum beam BMAX m 5.53
beam of hull BH m 5.48
beam of waterline (at DWL)** BWL   2.65
beam at chine** BC m 2.51
maximum depth DMAX m 2.55
midship depth DLWL/2 m 2.38
Freeboard (at DWL)      
freeboard forward FF m 1.81
freeboard midship FM m 1.70
freeboard aft FA m 0.64
canoe body draught (at DWL) TC m 0.70
minimum draught (LCC displacement ) TMIN m  
maximum draught (LDC displacement) TMAX m  
headroom in saloon   m 2005.00
air draught (at DWL, excluding antenna) HA m 5.19
volume displacement (at DWL) VD m3 11.67
light craft condition mass (LCC) mLCC kg 8300*
mass of craft at minimum operation condition (MOC) mMOC kg 8800*
loaded craft mass (LDC) mLDC kg 14000*
maximum load mMTL kg 5000
immersion (at DWL)   kg/cm  
Number of Engines   - 2
maximin power at crankshaft   kW(HP) 232(315)…330(440)
maximum design speed (minimum operation condition)   kts 29*
maximum design speed (loaded craft)   kts 24*
recommended cruising speed   kts 22-24*
fuel   L 1,000
water   L 200
waste   L 200
crew     2
passengers     up to 60
Coefficients and parameters (at DWL)*      
block coefficient CB - 0.569
midship section area coefficient CM - 0.731
waterplane area coefficient CWP - 0.865
prismatic coefficient CP - 0.778
longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB/LWL - 0.416
length to displacement ratio LWL/VD1/3 - 4.858
displacement to length ratio DLR - 249.09
static load factor CD - 0.738
deadrise midships bM degrees 32
deadrise at transom bTR degrees 29
Category     B 'offshore'
 All measurements according to ISO8666
*   - estimated (depends of propeller diameter limit)
** - for one hull
Note: Specifications may vary depending on the model chosen.
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