This model of the 1500 series is similar to the Austhai 1500 WSI with the exception that it has an upper helm station in lieu of the helm station on the lower deck

austhai 1500 WFCI


Approx. Weight (LLC)


Beam (ft/meters)


Length-Centerline (ft/meters)


Person Capacity


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Parameter Symbol Units Value
maximum length (with platform) LMAX m 16.26
length of hull LH m 15.42
length of waterline (at DWL) LWL m 14.02
maximum beam BMAX m 5.54
beam of hull BH m 5.48
beam of waterline (at DWL)** BWL   1.33
beam at chine** BC m 1.25
maximum depth DMAX m 2.51
midship depth DLWL/2 m 2.34
Freeboard (at DWL)      
freeboard forward FF m 1.81
freeboard midship FM m 1.64
freeboard aft FA m 0.76
canoe body draught (at DWL) TC m 0.70
minimum draught (LCC displacement ) TMIN m 0.94
maximum draught (LDC displacement) TMAX m 1.15
headroom in saloon   m 2.10
air draught (at DWL, excluding antenna) HA m 4.99
volume displacement (at DWL) VD m3 15.72
light craft condition mass (LCC) mLCC kg 10000
mass of craft at minimum operation condition (MOC) mMOC kg 10300
loaded craft mass (LDC) mLDC kg 17000
maximum load mMTL kg 7000
immersion (at DWL)   kg/cm 341.6
number of engines   - 2
recommended power   HP 300..650
design speed   kts 22..35
fuel   L 1200..2600
water   L 200..800
waste   L 200
crew     2..3
passengers     64..72
Coefficients and parameters (at DWL)*      
block coefficient CB - 0.603
midship section area coefficient CM - 0.731
waterplane area coefficient CWP - 0.893
prismatic coefficient CP - 0.824
longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB/LWL - 0.431
length to displacement ratio LWL/VD1/3 - 5.597
displacement to length ratio DLR - 276.52
static load factor CD - 1.006
deadrise midships bM degrees 26
deadrise at transom bTR degrees 24
Category     B 'offshore'
 All measurements according to ISO8666
*   - estimated (depends of propeller diameter limit)
** - for one hull
Will be added shortly!
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