The Austhai 800 Fishcat is a blue water fishing boat for the dedicated angler, charter operator or tour operator. Based on the latest hull design from Albatross Marine Design it offers, speed, stability, comfort, seaworthiness and economy to a degree previous unavailable. The centre console configuration and clutter free decks allow all round fishing to land those big ones. Optional live bait tanks, fish tanks, rocket launchers, outriggers etc mean that the boat can be configured to meet your specific needs.

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Approx. Weight (LLC)

2150 kg

Beam (ft/meters)

8'3" /2.60

Length-Centerline (ft/meters)

27'01" /8.23

Person Capacity


  • Technical Specs
  • Concept Designs
Parameter Symbol Units Value
maximum length LMAX m 8.23
length of hull LH m 8.14
length of waterline (at DWL) LWL m 6.99
maximum beam BMAX m 2.55
beam of hull BH m 2.49
beam at waterline (at DWL)* BWL m 0.76
beam between hulls CL BCL m 1.56
maximum depth DMAX m 1.73
midship depth DLWL/2 m 1.67
freeboard forward (lightship) FF m 1.39
freeboard midship (lightship) FM m 1.31
freeboard aft (lightship) FA m 0.48
canoe body draught (lightship) TC m 0.34
minimum draught (lightship) TMIN m 0.74
maximum draught (loaded) TMAX m 0.88
headroom in cabin   m 1.90
air draught (at DWL) HA m 3.33
bridgedeck height (vertical clearance)   m 3.93
volume displacement (LCC condition) VD m3 2.10
light craft condition mass (LCC) mLCC kg 2150
minimum operation condition mass (MOC) mMOC kg 2350
loaded craft displacement (LDC) mLDC kg 3550
maximum load mMTL kg 1400
immersion (at DWL)   kg/cm 97.6
number of engines     2
recommended power     115…200
maximum design speed (MOC condition)   kts 45**
maximum design speed (LDC condition)   kts 40**
recommended cruising speed   kts 30…35
fuel   L 2x300
water   L 1x60
passengers/crew     8
Coefficients and parameters      
block coefficient CB - 0.580
midship section area coefficient CM - 0.737
waterplane area coefficient CWP - 0.872
prismatic coefficient CP - 0.787
longitudinal center of buoyancy LCB/LWL - 0.411
length to displacement ratio LWL/VD1/3 - 5.460
displacement to length ratio DLR - 208
static load factor CD - 0.703
deadrise midships bM degrees 30(36)
deadrise at transom bTR degrees 21(27)
* - for one hull only   ** - estimated speed
 All measurements according to ISO8666
 DWL corresponds to light craft condition (LCC)
air draught (at DWL)
The Austhai 800 Boomerang Funcat is CE Certified.

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